The online virtual classroom where you can work through your lessons, submit your exercises and homework and book classes with your dedicated IconTutor teacher.


At IconTutor we believe in empowering parents! Many parents want to experience the learning journey with their children. Here you can do just that!


All of our teachers at IconTutor are fully trained in teaching test preparation. Our sister business Teacher Trainer Organization provides dedicated and certified training courses for teachers for IELTS, GED, SAT and other tests.

IconTutor your virtual Home School

Every student wants to attain the highest possible score. All parents want their children to get the best possible education. At IconTutor we share those dreams and ideals!

IconTutor is a virtual and complete home school that offers a full teaching curriculum through a secure online portal. Whether you want to completely follow the home schooling route or wish to supplement high school learning with additional lessons; if you wish to study for IELTS or GED, SAT or TOEFL then IconTutor is for you!

For students:

  • take control of your own future
  • create your own study plan
  • study in the comfort of your own room
  • state of the art virtual classroom
  • quality study materials written and edited by specialist educators

For parents:

  • follow your child’s progress in real time through your own dedicated access code
  • receive feedback on progress
  • assurance that your child is being taught by dedicated professionals
  • help shape your children’s future

Mint Masters degree student at the University of Bath, England.

“Thanks so much teacher Dave at Icon for helping me pass my IELTS and get into Bath university!”

Maprang Masters degree student at Munich, Germany

“Miss you all so much! A massive thank you for all your help with my IELTS examination and for making it easy to understand. The best teachers ever!”

Jane IELTS score - band 7.5

“I made my target score for IELTS and couldn’t have done that without Icon Tutor! The videos and course work are so good and the teacher explained everything in the best way for me to understand it all. Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!”

Lucille IELTS score - band 7.5

“Thanks so much Icon Tutor! I was struggling with understanding IELTS before but after studying with Icon Tutor I was able to get an even higher score that I needed for Canadian residency.”

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AFTER School Club

From 490 ฿/hr.

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Why Us?

We are EDUCATORS. That means we want you to learn and we’re genuinely interested in your progress. Also, of course, once you achieve your score after taking our course, your testimonial to your friends and family will help bring us more students!

So, how to we do that? The answer is easy. We teach you in the most effective way. All of our educators have years of experience in teaching test preparation methods, hands on, in South East Asia. We know how to get the best advancement in our students.

Quality Courses

All of our courses and the materials we use are prepared by test preparation specialists and are constantly updated to give you the most effective learning experience. You learn the core material – that is essential of course – but you also learn the techniques that are an absolute must for high scoring success!

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